Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer


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Properly trimming candles helps maintain quality and longevity of the product. Our wick trimmers are the easiest and safest way to cut your wicks at a safe burning length of 1/4". A comfortable design made from stainless steel with a matte black finish adds a striking bold element to any candle collection. Collect wick trimmings without the mess. 
7 in // 2.5 oz

How to Use

♡ Make sure to trim the wick before lighting the candle, never trim on a burning candle.
Put the trimmer's inside of the jar's rim for guidance and bring the scissor blades to the wick, 1/4" from the base of the wick.
♡ Trim and discard the wick. Make sure to never leave wick trimmings in the candle jar.